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otorislash's Journal

Tales of the Otori Slash Fanfiction
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Slash fanfiction of the book series Tales of the Otori by Lian Hearn
Otori Slash
Welcome to Otori Slash, here we enjoy the wonderful books of Lian Hearn and write fanfiction. NONE of the characters belong to any of the authors here, they all belong to Lian Hearn. Please join, post and comment ♥ I am andimlovegalore the moderator.
Rules of the Community
This is a very new community, but there will be some rules to keep things nice.
  • No flaming or rudeness, be nice to people even if you don't like their work.
  • Constructive critism only! We encourage critiques of fanfiction, but you must say something nice.
  • Swearing, explicit scenes adult themes are all fine, but mark them as adult when you post.
  • When you join, please post an introduction post to say who you are, what your favourite pairings are, anything like that.
  • When you post a fic, include: title, summary, warnings and rating.

What to Post
Your Introduction Post

When you Post Fanfiction
Although this is a slash community, we will accept non-slash fanfiction (just because this is more or less the only Otori fanfic community on LJ). Any pairings and ratings are fine. Please post often and comment often! When you post fanfic, use this form: